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OnePlus 12R Update: OxygenOS 14.1 – Initial Impressions and New Features

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Hey everyone, welcome back to another video! Recently, OnePlus has been rolling out new updates for its devices, including the OxygenOS 14.1. Today, the similar update has been rolled out for the OnePlus 12R, and in this blog post, we’ll discuss my initial impressions of the battery backup and performance. We’ll also explore all the new add-ons and changes in OxygenOS 14.1. So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Installation and Version Details

I’ve already updated my OnePlus 12R to the latest build. Currently, incremental update files are not available, so I used the full zip file for the installation. If you want to install it manually, you can download the zip file from the link provided in the description. Despite the version still displaying as 14.0, it is actually 14.1. This update comes with the June 5, 2024 security patch, similar to other smartphones running OxygenOS 14.1. If you don’t want to wait for the OTA update, you can perform a local install to update your device to OxygenOS 14.1.

Battery Backup and Performance

Battery Backup

I installed this update yesterday and have been monitoring the battery performance since then. Currently, the screen-on time is 5 hours and 27 minutes. One notable change in OxygenOS 14.1 is that the total screen-on time from the last charge is no longer visible. Instead, it shows the screen-on time for the last 24 hours. However, there’s an application available on our Telegram group that can restore the previous battery stats, allowing you to see the entire screen-on time since the last charge.

In terms of battery backup, I’m quite satisfied. I monitored the overnight battery drain and observed only a 2% drop over more than 7 hours. This indicates a good standby performance.


One issue I noticed with the OnePlus 12R is some throttling. During our standard throttling test with 100 threads over 30 minutes, there were noticeable throttling issues, and the maximum temperature reached was around 41°C. Benchmark scores also showed a slight decrease in multi-core performance after the update. Although these initial observations indicate a slight performance downgrade, I’ll provide a more detailed analysis in my in-depth review video, including gaming performance.

New Features and Changes

Change Log Highlights

The official change log mentions several new features, including a new smooth engine, system touch control, and animation upgrades. However, there are also a few changes not listed in the change log:

  1. Music Player: The music player now has a new progress bar and wave animations on the lock screen. It also includes buttons for play, pause, and switching tracks.
  2. Quick Settings: There is a new bouncy effect in the quick settings tiles. The status bar icons have been revamped with a bolder look. The high-performance mode icon is now fully filled.
  3. Dynamic Island: Similar to the iPhone’s Dynamic Island, this feature appears when playing music, but it only works with certain apps like Spotify, not YouTube Music.
  4. Volume Panels: The volume slider has been redesigned to be smaller, with text and icons slightly repositioned.
  5. Wallpaper Blur Effect: You can now apply a blur effect to wallpapers, with a smooth transition between blurred and non-blurred states for home and lock screens.

System and UI Changes

  1. Launcher: The launcher settings have been slightly updated, with fewer layout options and a new text alignment in settings to save space.
  2. App Drawer: The app drawer now features a color-matching shade based on the applied wallpaper.
  3. Settings: Airplane mode has been moved to the top, and the settings layout has been rearranged for better organization.
  4. Repair Mode: This new feature restricts access to personal data when the device is in repair mode.
  5. Touch Interaction: Allows screen sharing with a tablet when placed near its NFC detection area.
  6. Adaptive Sleep: Renamed to Screen Attention, though it still references Adaptive Sleep in the settings.
  7. RAM Expansion: A new RAM optimization feature compresses idle background applications to free up RAM.

Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes have been implemented, including issues with the volume slider pop-up and NFC. The volume slider now appears correctly when using the hardware buttons.


These are all the changes and features included in the OxygenOS 14.1 update for the OnePlus 12R. I’ll soon release a detailed review, including gaming performance and more.

I hope this post provides you with a comprehensive overview of the new OxygenOS 14.1 update for the OnePlus 12R. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews!


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